Exploring Mindfulness and Meditation: A Basic Guide

When we meditate, we venture into the working of the mind, bodily sensations, emotions, thoughts, cravings, and judgments.

For Better Sleep: 10 Plants to Keep in your Bedroom

You wake up fresh and in good mood from a healthy sleep. A night of healthy sleep will give you a better immune system.

Mother’s Day with A Sustainable Twist

The simplest way of celebrating this beautiful occasion is by telling her you love her and means so much to you.

Dutch Prison Systems Cut Jail Population, Transform Buildings into Schools

The Netherlands is propagating an alternative rehabilitation system and setting an example by following the protocol. Its rate of prisoner population is decreasing.

Having a pet makes you happier and healthier

A social support system is essential for our physical and mental well-being. Adopting a pet is a way to fulfill our needs.

Creativity and Innovation: Why are they Important?

Creativity is the ability to discover original ideas and innovation is a skill that helps in implementation of the creative ideas. Together, they help in progress of the society.

Charity begets happiness

One of the greatest gifts we can give somebody is making them smile. With love, motivation, and opportunities, we have the capability to try to make their lives better.

Physical Fitness this World Health Day

Each year WHO sets a theme to bring attention to the actions required for us to work towards physical fitness and general health.

Environmental issues we need to tackle in 2022

Climate change is one of the most urgent crises of our time. It is happening faster than we thought, and nobody is immune from its devastating effects.

Practice gratitude this spring and bloom

We have missed enjoying listening to live music or going to picnics with friends and family. Let us bring warmth and happiness to those around us.

A lonely dog takes a bus, and people want to adopt her after post goes viral

Dogs are man’s best friend!

Our loyal canine friends protect us and help keep us in good shape.

Six inventions by women that make your life a lot easier

Women are incredible! They perform so many roles in our day-to-day lives.

Greenest Countries in Europe

The world is advancing towards eco-friendly consciousness and sustainability. In various sectors like education, transportation, and energy,

The Royal Mail’s heartwarming reply to delivery

A heartwarming reply by the Royal Mail to a seven-year-old in Scotland is winning hearts around the world. Here is why.

Zara Rutherford: A Pilot and Inspiration

This is an account of a 19-year-old girl named Zara Rutherford and her accomplishment in flying solo around the world.

Essential workers as superheroes

Our simple act of kindness can bring happiness to many. Here’s the story of Hector and his superheroes!