Greenest Countries in Europe

  • 25th Feb 2022

Dear Diary,

The world is advancing towards eco-friendly consciousness and sustainability. In various sectors like education, transportation, and energy, people and governments are making an effort to transition.

To ensure better living standards for their citizens, countries are incentivizing sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Out of the many countries that were assessed by Heliox, the Netherlands was ranked the greenest country in Europe in terms of internal travel. The key indicators included access to public transport, greener transportation options, electric vehicle adoptions, EV charging infrastructure, zero-emission goals and plans to phase out fossil fuel.

Other countries that have made it to the list , according to Heliox, include :

  1. Luxembourg
  2. Sweden
  3. Germany
  4. Estonia
  5. Belgium
  6. France
  7. Slovenia
  8. Austria
  9. The United Kingdom

The countries expressed their commitment to improving access to public transportation, promoting the use of green vehicles, and short-term net-zero goals.

Larger countries like the UK, France, and Germany plan to invest a total of €200 billion to meet their goals.

Creating a greener and pollution-free world, where countries invest in becoming more sustainable and reducing carbon footprint, is the need for the hour.

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