A lonely dog takes a bus, and people want to adopt her after post goes viral

  • 18th Mar 2022

Dear Diary,

Dogs are man’s best friend!

Our loyal canine friends protect us and help keep us in good shape.

But in an odd incident, Gemma Burton posted on Facebook about an unlikely passenger on her bus ride to her college in Bradford, England.

This passenger was a dog wearing a harness, but without an accompanying human. The dog was sniffing around the passengers during the entire bus ride.

“The dog seemed sad”, Gemma told Today. She clicked a picture of the dog while it was sitting on a chair.

Burton’s post went viral, and officials picked it up and took the dog to a nearby rescue shelter. Cliffee kennels and Rescue later announced that the dog was under their care and in perfectly good health.

UK laws define kennels to keep dogs only for a few days so that the owners can claim them.   If nobody comes forward, the dog is put up for adoption.

Staff members at the shelter report that the dog is a 3-year-old Mastiff cross. Her name, Olive, is inspired from the ‘70s British TV show “On the Buses”.

The staff at the shelter hope she gets adopted by a family that provides her with a comfortable and loving home.  

The shelter employees say that they have received many inquiries about her. They will collate the data from the people who are happy to adopt Olive and will select her forever home.

Kennel employees say that even though there will be one lucky family to adopt Olive, there are many other dogs waiting to go to loving homes, too.

They claim that the adoption of Olive will not be too hard, because they have received several calls for her adoption.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who stepped forward to adopt Olive!

That’s all I have for now!

I will write to you soon,

Take care.