The Royal Mail’s heartwarming reply to delivery

  • 18th Feb 2022

Dear Diary,

A heartwarming reply by the Royal Mail to a seven-year-old in Scotland is winning hearts around the world. Here is why.

Jase Hyndman, a seven-year boy from West Lothian, wrote a birthday letter to his deceased father. He received a letter assuring him of the safe delivery of his letter to heaven.

Jase had addressed Mr. Postman, asking if they could take this letter for his dad’s birthday. Sean Milligan had responded to the letter saying that the journey was difficult, as they had to pass through stars and galactic objects to reach heaven.

Milligan’s simple act of kindness brightened the day for Jase. His mother, Teri Copald, said, “his act restored my faith in humanity”.

I will write to you soon,

Take care.