Smart Huggers

Aaron & Crystal, USA

No act of kindness is ever wasted. Making the world a better place is a thankless, and sometimes, painful job, but someone’s got to do it.

Val, Europe

In Kaunas, Lithuania, we met Val. No, he is not an animal activist. He is just a regular guy leading a regular life, but on weekends, he is a man of the

Stephanie @London, United Kingdom

SmartHugger: Stephanie

@London, United Kingdom

New Delhi: Dj Arjun’s SmartHug

The Weather update – Divya NDTV

Baby Doll Main Sone Di- Manmeet Singh(Meet Bros _ Music Directors) Sharing their SmartHug

Our famous Bollywood director and composer ” Meet Bros”- Manmeet Singh share his SmartHug. One can contribute to the humanity and surrounding

A reason to party – Sajeel Khanna

Throwback of a high school and reason to live that time again. Each one to their own. Sajeel has his own reasons. One of them is partying but this