Smart Huggers

Aaron & Crystal, USA

No act of kindness is ever wasted. Making the world a better place is a thankless, and sometimes, painful job, but someone’s got to do it.

Val, Europe

In Kaunas, Lithuania, we met Val. No, he is not an animal activist. He is just a regular guy leading a regular life, but on weekends, he is a man of the

Ankita Kumar’s good deeds

Sharing Ankita Kumar’s good deeds for helping people from thankless jobs.

Stephanie @London, United Kingdom

SmartHugger: Stephanie

@London, United Kingdom

The Weather update – Divya NDTV

Our weather girl tells about her SmartHug to the society.

Kannan Foundation (KAW)

Goodwill Ambassador, Animal Lover and a SmartHugger- Kanan Foundation

Baby Doll Main Sone Di- Manmeet Singh(Meet Bros _ Music Directors) Sharing their SmartHug

Our famous Bollywood director and composer ” Meet Bros”- Manmeet Singh share his SmartHug. One can contribute to the humanity and surrounding in their own personal way.

Special Thanks: Namrata Achowe – Chief Servant @ The Human Project

She shares her inspiring thoughts about her work. SmartHug is happy to associate with such youngsters who are concerned about their society.

Posh Foundation

Positive good deed of helping animals by Posh Foundation, a SmartHugger

Super Seeds Learning Center

Positive Good News from Super Seeds Learning Centre, a Smarthugger

The Khushbu Project

Good deeds story from The Khushbu Project, a SmartHugger