Mother’s Day with A Sustainable Twist

  • 13th May 2022

Dear Diary,

It’s the first Sunday of May, and mom deserves the best.

Mother’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to show her how much you appreciate every little thing she does for you. After all, there is nothing like a mother’s love.

Whether it’s helping with homework or making sure there’s a hot meal on the table when we get home from school (and later, even after office), moms are always ready. Where do they get the energy? But first things first, let’s remember to honor and share our love this mother’s day. Yet, this time around, we want to make this celebration good for mothers and good for the planet. That’s why the minds at SmartHug got together to curate a small yet perfect list of gifts that will make your mother happy and keep our planet safe.

  • Flowers: Can anyone go wrong with flowers? Make sure you wake up before her and surprise her with an eco-friendly bouquet. Organic (get a link) flowers grown without pesticides or fertilizers are a great choice. Keep harmful chemicals out of the environment while supporting local farmers and businesses in your community.

  • Get something she wants: If she has been planning on something for herself, and there is a chance you’ve found out, you could surprise her with that. If she’s been working very hard lately, a relaxing massage can be an ideal present. Treat her to a special meal afterward. A pair of sustainably sourced shoes may also earn you extra brownie points. Get your phones out and start looking!

  • Be creative: Try making something for her. There are plenty of good DIY projects that you can look up. You can make jewelry, pottery, bags, the list goes on. Also, this tested and tried idea usually makes everyone happy. Mothers are no exception. A home-cooked version of her favorite meal. If you are very adventurous, try a brand-new recipe. If not, make her a mind-blowing breakfast in bed. We guess that it will work wonders!

  • Be thoughtful: Spend time with her. Walks, mini-breaks, family get-togethers – think of some of the things your mother cherishes the most. Recreate the magic and keep an eye on detail. She will love it.

  • Support her hobbies: Does your mother have a green thumb? Get her gardening tools, organic seeds, and garden ornaments. Is she a collector? Make an addition to her treasures. Is she fond of textiles? Get cracking.

The most important thing is to make her feel appreciated. If you’re still at a loss, try focusing on the person instead of the gift. What can you do to make her feel special? How can you express your appreciation? Whatever you do, don’t forget to show your love.

But when it comes right down to it, if all else fails and there’s no way out, tell her how much she means!

That’s all I have for now,

I will write to you soon.

Take care!