Donate Thoughtfully on Give Something Away Day

  • 15th Jul 2022

Dear Diary,

The world is not equal.

Some of us have more luxuries and privileges than others. But that should not deter us from helping others and doing the right thing.

In our earlier blog, Charity begets Happiness, we mentioned how charity helps build our self-esteem, boosts our mood, and harnesses the concept of community.

Taking the benefits forward, let us take a step ahead and talk about #GiveSomethingAway and all the ways you can participate in such a wonderful day.


15th July is celebrated as National Give Something Away Day.

“Giving holds more strength than receiving”, is the motto behind National Give Something Away Day.

People use this day as an opportunity to donate things they longer use, to the people who need them. This day is a way to encourage people to give freely to others without expecting in return.

History of #GiveSomethingAwayDay:

One of the simplest acts of kindness to brighten somebody’s day is – Giving. It is a selfless act where you think more about others than yourself. It could be as simple as complimenting somebody or donating books to the less fortunate who can use them for studying. It is these little things that sometimes make a huge impact on others’ lives.

National Give Something Away Day was established on July 15th, 2015, by Linda Eaton Hall- Fulcher. She is a self-proclaimed giver to recognize the need to give back to the world. She advocates that the day is for anyone who cares about others.

Donating our things also are a source of gratitude and self-confidence in us. Charity makes us feel better about our contribution to society and makes us grateful for all the things we had.

Ways to participate in #GiveSomethingAwayDay:

There are many ways to donate your things to the less fortunate. We are sure you have the activities you like to do for this.

Here are some of our recommendations for the day:

  • Give food: Buy meals or drinks for somebody you think has been hungry for days or for the less fortunate ones who can’t afford it. If you know someone around you, you think would enjoy some specific kind of food but is unable to afford it, buy it for them. Let them celebrate one good meal.

  • Clothing: Waiting desperately to fit in those shorts or a blazer you have kept hidden in your wardrobe for years? We all have one, don’t worry! Donate those clothes. Somebody somewhere would fit in those clothes and perhaps would be in dire need of some clothes right now.

  • You never know a young poor boy may not have a blazer to wear for an interview. It could mean so much to them.

  • Books: Books bring education to us. They teach us about the world, make us confident, and give us our livelihood. If you have some books that you feel can change other people’s lives, donate them.

  • Preparing people to take care of themselves and their families is a great thing, and they will always thank you for it.

  • Skill: Donating skills are teaching something you know, like music, theatre, or sports. Teaching somebody simple mathematical calculations are good enough.

  • Sometimes, people around you, less fortunate, people who are new at your office, interns, are learning the tricks and trades of the industry. Some very small quick tips that can stay with them forever can help them make their way into the workforce.

  • Time: Spend time with people. You can do that with people in your community or people who are in old age homes, miss their families, and would like somebody ready to spend some time with them.

  • You can also donate your time volunteering at hospitals taking care of patients trying to put on a skit or a musical show for them. It will give you a sense of happiness, the sick people would love it and it’s a great way to spend your time.

    Studies have shown that doing something good for others can help you reduce chronic pains in the body, reduce blood pressure, and the risk of heart diseases.

  • Old toys and games: If you are not expecting children in your family for a long time, or your kids are adult enough to not use their childhood toys and games, donate them.

  • If you know someone who has kids but is unable to afford to buy their kids toys and games, here’s your chance! It will help a parent(s) financially, and physically. But also, it will help kids become more inclined toward learning.

    Games and toys are known to build motor skills and increase IQ in kids. It also helps them develop social and emotional skills along with promoting problem-solving skills. There are different age groups for which various toys are best suited. To know which age group best suits your toys and games, read here.

  • Stationery kits or Art supplies: Do you have certain stationery or new art supplies that you won’t use any longer? You could simply have knit wool but know you don’t have time to knit anymore.

  • Teach somebody those skills and donate them. It will bring out the creativity in others who are less fortunate. They will learn a new skill but also, but they will be able to find ways to help themselves-either directly by the skill or by selling the skill.

  • Blood: So many people die because there is not enough blood in the blood banks to save them. Your blood donation will save lives. It is perhaps the biggest contribution you will ever make.

  • Blood donation will also give your health benefits. After donating blood your body produces more blood to replenish and thus increasing the quality of your health. It is also known to lower cancer risk and promotes the health of the heart and liver.


Donating boosts the same parts of the brain as exercising and eating, studies show.

When you give away something it leaves you feeling happy, boosts your immune system, and strengthens your relationship with the world around you.

It brightens the other person’s day, decreases stress, and gives you freer and decluttered space in the house. Making others feel happiness will also give us peace and happiness.

Showing empathy and compassion to others empowers us and gives us a chance to change somebody’s life forever.

Give Something to Someone and feel empowered!

That’s all I have for now,

I will write to you soon.

Take care!