Learn about Traveling this World Tourism Day

  • 30th Sep 2022

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Have you ever wondered what World Tourism Day is? What is it all about, and how is it celebrated? Come with me on a journey through history where we will learn about how tourism is part of life, not just a holiday.


Traveling helps you expand your knowledge and opens the gates of the outside world for you. It helps enrich our understanding of people, their customs and traditions and the history of different places. It is a fun and memorable way of experiencing a world other than ours. This day was declared by the United Nations as World Tourism Day to raise global awareness of the importance and benefits of tourism as an economic activity. Hence, it is celebrated worldwide by governments, nonprofit organizations, and conglomerates in different ways.

The global tourism industry contributes 10.3% to the total GDP of the world economy, supports 289 million jobs and is considered a driver of sustainable development. Tourists have the potential to directly contribute the US $91 billion towards development in developing countries, according to World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

This day is celebrated to encourage people to travel and visit places not just once, but also often. Whether it is going on holiday, visiting family and friends, or taking that fond trip down memory lane, travel has been around for ages. The first written record of someone travelling came from an Egyptian named Raoof around 1485 BC. After the discovery of a travel journal written by Ying Zheng who was travelling around China in 1179 AD, travel became more commonplace.

Importance of Tourism:

Tourism is an important aspect of a successful economy. It provides several benefits to the host countries by boosting their economy, creating thousands of jobs and promoting an exchange of culture between foreigners and locals.

  • Employment: Tourism creates job opportunities for people in many different significant areas. The industry indirectly also involves people from many different sectors such as communications, healthcare, and education.

    It directly profits people who run restaurants, shopping centres and stores as many people visit countries to experience the destination’s unique cultural highlights.

  • Infrastructure: Governments are compelled to invest in safer, more advanced, and well-facilitated infrastructure to make a place more appealing to global tourists. New roads, highways, parks, museums, and public places are all part of infrastructural development.

    Moreover, this creates better economic and educational opportunities for locals.

  • Cultural Exchange: Tourism provides the safest and easiest way of improving international relations. Exhibitions, conferences, and art displays, are a way for countries to display their heritage and value systems. It brings opportunities for tourists to learn about a new culture, encourage young entrepreneurs, introduce new products and services and test sustainable ways to cater to tourists.

    Plus, it is a great way to earn money through registration, gift sales etc.

How Tourism can Help You?

Besides tourism benefiting the destination countries, it helps the travelers too. A trip may change your life for the better. Here are some of the lessons we learnt on our travels.

  • Enhanced quality of life: Taking a holiday enhances the quality of life.

  • Broaden your thinking: Traveling broadens our understanding. Trying new experiences, cultures, histories, and languages taught us a lot about ourselves.

  • Introduces a new way of life: If you need to “find yourself” too, traveling is the best way to do it. It shows you different perspectives and ways of dealing with the struggles and gifts of life.

  • Educational: Despite being a tourist, one can learn a lot from traveling. You experience local food, and exotic animals, and learn more about how the world works.

  • Rest and Relaxation: Taking time out made us happier and healthier.


This World Tourism Day, travel around the globe with your friends, loved ones and family. Use this time to make a lot of good memories. We have our calendars marked. You should too.

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