Stop Whining, Start Wine-ing

  • 04th Jun 2019

Dear Diary,

A season brings in its wake many changes. With the arrival of spring, one notices slight alterations in diet, lifestyle, and activity. Indeed, it is a glorious time of the year. The sun is kind, the flowers are in bloom, and humanity is, perhaps, at its shiniest best.

For some, it will mean changes in food. Light, airy days with scrumptious delights. For others, it will keep them outdoors, connected with Nature. Many more will welcome the season with cleaning and tidying the things of the past and make room for the future.

So, SmartHug took a walk down to the cellar, pushed the reds behind, and brought out the whites and the lighter reds. The next logical question was to decide the pairing. Well, the classic thumb rule of matching color of the food with the color of the wine is so passé. It is time to match the color of the season with the color of the wine.

For happy sunsets, rely on Chardonnays and Young Pinot Noirs. For spring morning-after’s, go for the trusted pint, Sauvignon Blanc. Any South Asian cuisine will welcome a Rose. Add a Chenin le Blanc as a wild card and let’s see what happens.

Consider giving your taste buds a makeover this Spring. Get to know wines to find the one made for you. Legend has it that it will taste like spring, and it might make you sing.

SmartHug believes that one must accept what life to offer and drink one cup anyway. Stop whine-ing and start wine-ing.

Happy Wine Appreciation!

I will write to you soon!

Take care.