Springtime aka Wedding time!

  • 22nd May 2019

Dear Diary,

Spring is here! And so is the wedding time!

It is difficult for a couple-to-be to separate their excitement of starting a new life from the commercialization around this occasion. Let’s face it, there is a lot of pressure about putting on a show. The more you see, the more you want. However, the question is how YOU want to spend your wedding day. Is it by following every trend known to man?

Once we make the decision of tying the knot with our partner in crime, a million other plans start popping in our heads to make this day perfect. Most people at once start browsing only to find endless options and choices, which in turn, makes them very stressed. The market is supposed to make us believe that our special day wouldn’t be special if we don’t buy their products. At the end of the day, the question remains – are weddings only about the dress, the party, and the décor? Must wedding plans require the couple to go through emotional turmoil? Is it worth opening the gates of consumer culture?

Now, this leads us to wonder about the right ways of getting married. But what exactly are they? A pocket-friendly minimalistic look or a highly extravagant celebration. No matter what we choose, over-indulgence in the preparations of ‘the’ event traps us into some sort of pseudo-excitement or a delusional state could make one blindsided about the responsibilities of the life after that. Is that how we want to start a new life?

We want to weigh our options to have an awesome wedding day. Hear us out!

Spring weddings! They are absolutely great because of the longer days and the gorgeous sunsets. Nature offers you the luxury of ‘ perfect weather.’ Cherry blossom trees are in full bloom.  A perfect example of ‘utilizing what we already have first’. For instance, if we want to marry in Central Park, the conservatory gardens offer the most exquisite natural décor. The wedding plan is unique because it reflects our idea of individuality. Also, this is a good time to be outdoors.

An act of kindness and a positive gesture towards humanity give most of us a sense of contentment. We could add a personalized gesture to light a sense of compassion towards all the other relationships in our life (including marriage). After all, that’s the purpose of the family; we choose to share our smiles and peace. What could be a better way to start the new life than with an act of kindness and goodness?

We believe in protecting the environment as far as possible. Did you know that it is possible to add eco-friendly accents to your wedding décor? For example, couples could plan a green wedding with biodegradable dinnerware, use saplings as party favors or maybe a mix of the two.

While it is important to celebrate in the union of two like-minded people, it will feel good to use our special day to support a social cause close to your heart. All we are trying to say is that the happiness in your wedding photos should reflect what one really felt, apart from choosing the love of your life. Happiness, when shared, is doubled.

Last but not least, happy springtime aka wedding time. Enjoy!

I will write to you soon!

Take care.