Reducing asphalt to tackle climate change

  • 24th Dec 2021

Dear Diary,

The world is experiencing various effects of climate change: more heat waves, wildfires, droughts, & intense storms.

What is the Arnhem case?

Arnhem, Netherlands, is experiencing extreme effects of climate change. The area, which is thirteen meters above sea level, has suffered serious floods and droughts in recent years.

To protect itself from these changes, the Dutch city is altering its layout.

  • The city, in its 10-year plan, will replace 10% of its asphalt with grass and other greenery to help tackle heatwaves.
  • Furthermore, the city municipality is aiming to absorb 90% of rainwater into the soil rather than it is going waste in sewers.
  • More trees are being planted along the roads to supply shelter from the sun.

The city will have sheltered “cooling down” areas constructed near squares and shopping areas.

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I will write to you soon.

Take care.