Celebrate an Eco-friendly Father’s Day with our Unique Ideas

  • 17th Jun 2022

Dear Diary,

Father’s Day 2022 is on the 19th of June.

But historically we have viewed that childrearing was always a woman’s job. Fathers were considered the breadwinners, heads of the household, and/or authoritative figures.

The trend though is changing rapidly. Men are becoming far more involved in their children’s lives.

So, we all have this one question in mind- when did we start celebrating Father’s Day and what are some good gifts to give our beloved dads?


We celebrate Father’s Day to honor and celebrate the men who embrace the essential role of a father. On this day, we thank our father and father-like figures of our lives for their sacrifices and nurturing and raising us, and their devotion to our families.

In the United States, the UK, India, Canada, and other countries of the world, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Other countries, like Australia, celebrate Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September. In Norway, Finland, and Sweden, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of November.

History of Father’s Day:

Like Mother’s Day, a modern version of Father’s Day was first celebrated in Fairmont, West Virginia on July 5th, 1908.

Sonora Smart Dodd was an American resident and the daughter of William Jackson Smart and Ellen Victoria Cheek Smart. She had lost her mother at the time of her birth and she and her father raised all her siblings.

Seeing how involved his father was in taking care of the house touched her heart. It occurred to her while hearing Mother’s Day sermon in the church that a special day should be dedicated to celebrating fathers too.

But over 6 decades, Woodrow Wilson (who had three daughters), and Calvin Coolidge (who had two sons), personally marked the day in 1916 and 1924 respectively. Lyndon Johnson signed executive orders to celebrate the day on the third day of June.

Ultimately, it was Richard Nixon who signed a congressional resolution to make it a national holiday.

Change in society:

Fathers have started to take active participation in their children’s lives. They are taking active roles in caring for them and helping around the house.

Pew Research Centre did a study and found some key findings about the father. The key pointers from the research are:

  • 17% of American dads were stay-at-home parents in 2016

  • 57% of dads consider parenting as a crucial part of their identity

  • 54 % view becoming a parent as rewarding

  • Most working dads feel their greatest challenge was to find professional and personal work balance

  • Dads are far more involved in childcare than 5 decades ago

  • 63% of dads feel they spend too little time with their kids

  • Just 39% of fathers feel they are “doing a good job” raising the children, while others were doubtful of their parenting skills

Special Father’s Day Eco-friendly Ideas:

We wish you spend quality time with your father and let them know you love them.

Here are our eco-friendly recommendations to celebrate this Father’s Day:

  • Gift him reusable products: Dad loves coffee? Or loves drinking juice first thing in the morning? Gift him nice stainless steel or reusable cups or tumblers.

  • Organic shirts or socks: if your dad loves clothes or apparel, buy organic clothing or eco-friendly fiber clothing.

  • Plant trees: if your dad enjoys gardening and loves spending his time in nature, plant trees with him. You can buy him gardening equipment, plant seeds, or his favorite plant saplings. This will give you both some bonding time and planting trees is good for nature.

  • Gift him air-purifying or room plants: air-purifying plants inside the room are a good gift for anybody. Some of the room plants also help you sleep well.

    Want to know which room plants are best for sleep? Read here.

  • Bamboo products: gift bamboo towels or loofah and body scrubbers. They are environmentally friendly and will pamper him right off the bat.

  • Eco-friendly hair products: buy him a hamper of organic hair products or daily items he loves.

  • Energy-efficient appliances: all dads love saving. Consider treating him with an appliance he wants and buy an energy star-rated one.

    You know what they say right, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

  • Spend a day doing his favorite activity: take him out for bird watching, the zoo, hiking, or picnicking. Pick an activity that you and your dad did together. Bond over the activity and spend quality time showing your affection and you cherish everything he has done for you.

  • Mix tape all his favorite songs: our fathers are simple people who love the unimportant things in life. If you are unable to figure out the bigger things, pick all his favorite songs and compile them together on his phone or laptop.

  • Learn history: ask him about his childhood and learn about your family tree. Get to know about his past and understand his view.

If you feel this is too much, you can take him to museums or art galleries and learn about his favorite subject.


More couples are now adapting to a working schedule where they both get to contribute to a child’s upbringing and nurturing.

Research has found out the emotional health of a child becomes better when both parents’ central goal is their families.

Children of working parents were academically more inclined and had less internalized negative behavior when both parents took pleasure in their work and consider their job creative rather than challenging. Read more about how parents’ work life affects the child’s growth here.

So do not forget to make your calendar in advance for Father’s Day. Prepare everything well in advance so that the day is well spent.

That’s all I have for now,

I will write to you soon.

Take care!