Smart Huggers

Aaron & Crystal, USA

  • 13th Oct 2016

No act of kindness is ever wasted. Making the world a better place is a thankless, and sometimes, painful job, but someone’s got to do it. At SmartHug, we like to imagine a world which is not just about profiteering. And, we celebrate the few and the fine people who think this way.

We met Crystal and Aaron in Orlando, Florida. Crystal is a creative spirit who has a passion for reading and an eye for indigenous art. Aaron is a techie who loves his computers and geeks out on video games. Together, they make quite the team.

When we started chatting about how to keep the world happy, they replied that it is not the size of the act, but the thought behind it. Now, any of us who have been stranded because the car decided to break down will understand the importance of what Crystal and Aaron said.

Most people shy away from helping an unfamiliar person. But the truth is that most of us will remain strangers. However, should that stop us from extending a helping hand? But let’s get back to the story, Aaron pulled over. Crystal walked over. They enquired about the problem, did what they could and moved on. Not only did it make Crystal and Aaron feel like a million bucks, but the stranded gentleman also managed to reach his destination on time.

Think about a scenario where you are headed for an important meeting or a friend’s birthday party and your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. You know as well as we do that many cars will whiz past, but no one will stop to help. Options include waiting till the on-road assistance guys show up, which may make you miss or delay your plans, or just pray your fairy godmother signed up for the act. Now, doesn’t that make you wish for more people like Crystal and Aaron?

Call us dreamers, if you will, but we trust people are good and not all hope is lost. An adage comes to mind – do what you would want done to yourself. If this resonates in your heart and you are one of those invisible warriors fighting negativity, all of us at SmartHug would like to thank you.

Don’t give up. The world needs you.

Should kindness be restricted to humans? Why aren’t all living beings deserving of love and goodness? As people, we find it hard to cope with a rapidly changing environment. Imagine the plight of animals!