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New Delhi: Dj Arjun’s SmartHug

  • 09th Sep 2016

SmartHug is NOT a nonprofit organization. We are a for profit organization that is changing the way the corporate world works. We don’t ask for charity. A “SmartHug” is an act of innovatively supporting a good cause with love, care, and technology.

We would like to specially “Thank” DJ Arjun Singh for sharing his genuine and unplugged SmartHug. Our main goal is to spread awareness to encourage people to do One Good Act a Day. We do support a few handpicked genuine causes in our own way with our own funds, teams, and partners.

If you are a Smart Hugger or believe in a cause which is happening close to you, do let us know and we’ll try our best to get our team on it and create awareness.

P.S. Every small deed is a big deal – Sharing your story does not make you look small it helps others become bigger.

Smart Hugger: DJ Arjun Singh

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